Our lives are filled with stressful situations that can take their toll on our bodies. For many, traveling only adds to the problem. Mens Waxing Palm Springs provides the relief you seek, with licensed massage therapists who will travel to you, providing therapeutic massage in the comfort and convenience of your hotel room or home.

Massage received by the traveler at their hotel or home is becoming more and more popular as a way to relieve the stresses of travel. As more and more people take to the skies, traveling by plane has become increasingly frustrating and stressful, particularly for the business traveler. Consequently, the incidence of people suffering from problems associated with flying has increased dramatically. Anxiety is a common problem, jet lag, and cramped conditions lead to stiffness and other problems. Massage soothes and relieves these problems.

At Mens Waxing Palm Springs, our Travel Recovery Massage is a stimulating and rejuvenating massage, using essential oils that detoxify and cleanse the lymphatic system. Oils are drizzled along the spine and gently blended, followed by a warm compress applied to the back and ending with an invigorating full body massage using lemon grass lotion. Excellent for alleviating jetlag, mental and physical fatigue and relief of sore muscles. Nothing invigorates faster than a massage!