Pumpkin Peel


Pumpkin Peel

Pumpkin peels are found to be more effective for some individuals compared to glycolic peels. They utilize pumpkin enzymes to exfoliate the skin and deliver essential vitamins and nutrients, often leading to immediate improvement in skin clarity and texture. Those with sensitive skin and acne tend to experience positive results from pumpkin peels due to their gentle nature in comparison to glycolic peels. With a high content of beta carotene and vitamin A, pumpkin peels aid in promoting circulation and supporting the healing process. While they excel at refining the skin’s surface, they do not have an impact on reducing hyperpigmentation.

A pumpkin peel treatment offers minimal recovery time and is gentler on sensitive skin compared to a glycolic peel. Additionally, the cost of a pumpkin peel treatment is slightly lower than that of a glycolic peel. The frequency of treatments required varies based on the individual’s skin type and desired outcomes.

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  • Pumpkin Peel | Men's Facials and Technical Treatments

  • Pumpkin peels harness the natural enzymes of pumpkins to gently exfoliate the skin while delivering essential vitamins and nutrients.