Hydrating Facial


Hydrating Facial

Revitalize parched, thirsty skin that appears lackluster, uneven, and rough. Men’s Waxing s Calming Hydrating Facial therapies swiftly revitalize and moisturize the skin to alleviate dryness and wrinkles. Delicate exfoliation eliminates dry skin cells, enabling the luxurious facial oils and enduring replenishing products to penetrate deeply into the skin for hydration. Smooth, flexible skin is uncovered and dehydration is prevented.

Hydrating items like facial oils, peptides, serums, and a multi-nutrient mask, combined with a soothing herbal massage, will moisturize and soften the skin, resulting in a dewy, flexible, and gorgeously glowing complexion.

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  • Hydrating Facial | Men's Facials and Technical Treatments

  • Nourish dry, dehydrated skin... Our calming Hydrating Facial treatments immediately nourish and hydrate the skin to relieve tightness and fine lines.