• In the Company of Men

    Women aren’t the only ones who want to look and feel fabulous. Do you remember when wearing a pink shirt was a bold statement for a man? I remember my first Lacoste polo shirt and that was back in the 80’s! Well guys, a shift in attitude is happening in male skin care and the use of professional skin care services. Men are visiting spas, skin care facilities and medi-spas for a wide variety of services, and now there are so many skin care products specifically designed for men’s thicker skin.

    Now is the time to take advantage of popular treatments for men, (including peptides, collagen and elastin treatments) hair removal, microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Check our list of services, and our facility directed for men. Men want to feel and look younger and attractive without sacrificing masculinity. We know the term “SPA” traditionally my not shout “masculinity,” but our place of business is a great “man cave” where men can take care of these objectives.

    Right now, a big trend for men is the more scruff the merrier. Men are appreciating what nature has given them, but it’s important to remind guys of the skin beneath the beard. We offer a variety of “lift-off” masks that will not get caught in the scruff, making it more comfortable for our clients, and deliver the benefits of hydration while eliminate an itchy feel and leave your skin looking smooth and even toned.

    Anti-aging eye treatment

    Another key area for men that is forgotten is the eyes! Men who work in an office environment tend to develop cvrow’s-feet and dark under-eye circles from squinting at computer screens, and working long hours, so our treatment is perfect for a lunch break pick-me-up or as introductory treatment to other services.


    In addition, for that perfect gift to that special guy….give them a gift certificate of a deep tissue or sports massage. Many men whose jobs require physical activity and have a regular fitness routine, need to relax your muscles and relieve your stress and daily pressures. Our massage therapist, Richard studied massage and bodywork techniques, completing a Holistic Health Practitioner certification with 1000+ hours of training, during which he volunteered his time as a teacher’s assistant in Asian Bodywork, Sports Massage, and Myofascial Release classes. Upon meeting the requirements for national certification, he passed the exam becoming nationally certified.