Hold the anesthesia! So says the aging client of today. Indeed, consumers are turning away from traditional (invasive) face-lifts as they become increasingly aware of the potential for longer term side effects associated with such procedures. Others don’t want to deal with post-operative downtime, to mention the high cost involved.

    There is still no such thing as a time machine! Sun damage, with its attendant lines, wrinkles start rearing their head in our 20’s and 30’s. After 40, things get even more interesting, as gravity manifests in our slackening, sagging skin. From there, the dermis continues to lose precious collagen and elastin –those proteins that once lent our complexions that smooth and youthful appearance.

    Now for the good news: More and more clients are seeking noninvasive yet highly effective alternatives to surgery, such as topical boosters and device driven techniques.

    In addition to delivering rapid results with no downtime, topicals, unlike surgical facelifts, can improve skin’s long-term health and surface texture.

    Let’s start with “nature’s Botox,” aka PEPTIDES, those wonderful agents proven to smooth and relax the skin. At Mens Waxing, we are the exclusive carrier of Viktoria DeAnn Peptides along with the ECHO2Plus Oxygen Concentrator, a (nonsurgical Face-lift device) in Palm Springs and Coachella Valley. These peptides send signals to skin cells, alerting them to produce more collagen. As your skin becomes thinner, your body takes notice and produces natural peptides in an attempt to boost your collagen productions. By applying products that contain collagen boosting peptides, you can trick your skin into thinking collagen is diminishing cause it to produce more. Peptides also signal cells to help skin better withstand life’s constant bombardment of UV rays, pollution and free radicals. Thus, by adding peptides to your daily regimen and with your monthly facials, you will see your skin looking younger each day.

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