Glycolic Peel


Glycolic Peel

Glycolic acid peels, derived from sugar cane, are skin treatments that typically require minimal downtime and may cause only mild redness or irritation as a potential side effect. These chemical peels are well-suited for individuals with excessive sebum production and have the potential to revitalize the skin with minimal recovery time.

Glycolic acid peels are known for their alphahydroxy acids (AHAs), which delicately exfoliate the skin to clear oil-clogged sebaceous glands. By penetrating the skin, AHAs in these peels aid in shedding layers of lackluster, dry skin. The natural skin renewal cycle takes around 28 to 32 days without exfoliation, but AHA peels can accelerate this process. For addressing minor skin spots and blemishes, a course of five in-office peels (with three-week intervals) can be effective.

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  • Glycolic acid chemical peels are a great option for individuals with oily skin, as they can revitalize the skin with minimal recovery time.