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Going to a spa is not just a luxury anymore – it’s part of a healthy lifestyle, like your daily intake of vegetables or going to the gym. We all want to look and feel our best, right?

Are there any anti-wrinkle creams that really work?

There's an abundance of creams that can slow down the ageing process such as the ones we use. They soften fine lines and wrinkles while energizing the epidermis. However, for the "Joan Rivers" effect, you must contact your plastic surgeon.

If you have a specific question about our services that has not been addressed in our website, please contact us so we can answer your concerns.

Can facials help with broken capillaries?

Facials won't remove broken capillaries but they can prevent further damage by strengthening capillary walls with Vitamin C. The Oxygen Facial would be a good choice for you, as it treats your skin with pure oxygen and vitamins.

I shave almost every day. Aside from getting razor burn I tend to get bumps and lumps in my beard area. Any suggestions?

Yes! Change your razor blades more frequently to avoid razor burn. Also, exfoliate with a facial scrub, on the beard area only, before shaving. This softens the skin and allows the razor to glide easily over your skin without irritating.

I travel a lot and in different climates and weather areas. What can I do to keep my skin looking and feeling healthy?

Travel size products would not be the wrong answer for you. Being exposed to the constant dry air, up in the friendly skies, your skin is deprived from much needed moisture. Have your toner handy so you can splash your skin at least every hour. Another product that I'd recommend is our hydrating booster to use underneath your moisturizer to give your skin a boost of moisture before you get on the plane. While relaxing in your hotel, apply a hydrating mask. Reduce your intake of alcohol during flying to avoid dull, dehydrated skin.

I have hairy ear holes. I'm terribly embarrassed because I'm young and relatively hairless otherwise. Friends tease me about this! What can I do about this terrible stigma?

Your problem is simple. We use a hard wax which allows us to gently remove hair from any hole in your body, including nostrils. All you have to do is make an appointment. It only takes 10 minutes. Hurry now and surprise your friends with clean, hairless ear holes!

I do intense workouts almost every day and my muscles are sore a lot. When would it be appropriate to get a massage and which one of your treatments would be the most effective?

Take a break from the gym so that your muscles have time to heal and repair. On one of your off days, book a Deep Tissue Massage to help the healing process. Your muscles will repair faster by removing the lactic acid build-up and waste material.

I'm thinking about getting a massage treatment but, I'm a little shy about my body. Will I be draped or covered with a towel?

Yes. You are completely covered while the area that is being treated remains uncovered.

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  • If you have a specific question about our services that has not been addressed in our website, please contact us so we can answer your concerns.