• Speak now or forever hold your knots! Let your therapist know if you would like more or less pressure.

    No problem if you want to leave your underwear on or off during the massage treatment.

    If you’re an active individual or a weekend warrior, a warm shower with your favorite body wash before your massage would be ideal for eliminating disconcerting odors.

    Let your therapist know if they should keep away from existing injuries such as broken toes or bruises, especially those which may not be visible within the dark room.

    Prior to checking out, please let us know if everything went okay. At that point, if your back still feels tense. We’d hate for you to leave unhappy and post an unflattering review anywhere.

  • Do not book a facial on the day of any major event, as exfoliation and clearing your face of blackheads may leave your skin with a hint of redness. Always book one to two weeks beforehand.

    Don’t stress out over which facial suits your skin’s needs. Our experts will make that decision for you based on your skin analysis, which takes place five minutes into the facial treatment. We will also make you aware of the price change before we begin. We won’t put you in an awkward situation at checkout time.

    If you’re allergic to anything, please make us aware ahead of time.

    All of our beauty-enhancing spa treatments are completely safe. Don’t let the word “Microdermabrasion” or “Chemical Peel” put your nervous system on turbo. They are just big words that will only unveil your beauty and handsomeness.

    We use a variety of products for our facials which are all natural and whose core ingredients come from plants and essential oils – excellent for any skin type!

    At the end of your facial, the esthetician will make a product recommendation for at-home usage depending on your skin needs.

    Our product price range goes from $45 to $90. We won’t surprise you with a $250 1 ounce moisturizer.

    We recommend a facial at least every four to six weeks for better long-lasting results.

  • If you currently shave the area to be waxed, wait at least two weeks to book with us. Your hair may be too short otherwise.

    If you’re making a transition from shaving to waxing, you will feel the discomfort a little more since your hair has thickened.

    If you maintain the waxing method it gets better and easier for you, for us. And we will always recommend products for you to use at home for post-care treatment.

    Do not work out or perform sweat-stimulating activities for the first 24 hours after treatment, as it can irritate the skin.

    Use cool or tepid water when you shower.