• Experience the ultimate indulgence with a chocolate facial mask treatment that nourishes both your senses and your skin. These masks effectively hydrate, revitalize, firm, and tone your face, providing a luxurious spa-like experience. Furthermore, indulging in dark chocolate with high flavanol content has been linked to reducing the risk of certain cancers, promoting cardiovascular health, and enhancing blood flow to the brain. With its skin-friendly ingredients, there’s no need to feel guilty about enjoying this little luxury that benefits both your inner and outer well-being. Try our Cocoa Bean Facial for a radiant and youthful skin tone with reduced fine lines and firmer skin.

      • 90 minutes – $150

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        At Men's Waxing Spa, we thoroughly assess your skin and tailor a unique treatment for each visit, as your skin condition varies. We recommend receiving a skin treatment every 4-6 weeks, corresponding to the complete renewal of the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin.

        Experience unparalleled results with our Men's Waxing Spa treatment, which offers a unique and exceptional skincare experience in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. Through exfoliation, double cleansing, extractions, customized massage, and masque techniques, we enhance your skin's radiance and hydration, leaving you with a glowing and rejuvenated appearance that feels fantastic.

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  • Firming Cocoa Bean Facial

  • Our array of services includes beauty and grooming options like waxing, facials, and advanced treatments such as resurfacer peels and microdermabrasion.