Men’s Waxing Spa Palm Springs


Step into Men’s Waxing Day Spa Palm Springs, a peaceful haven where you can experience our treatments and services in a serene and calm setting.

Men’s Waxing offers a modern spa experience tailored to the needs of today’s clientele. Our priority is the effectiveness of our treatments and services, ensuring that every client receives a generous touch of luxury and relaxation. From indulgent facials to skin treatments, as well as body waxing for both men and women, we have it all. Be sure to visit our Specials page and read our outstanding Yelp reviews.

    • 1750 E. Arenas Road, Suite 8

    • Palm Springs

    • CA

    • 92262

    • United States

    • 760-600-6944

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  • Men's Waxing Spa Palm Springs

  • Our treatments and services are the center of our universe, from luxurious facials, to skin treatments, men’s and women’s body waxing.