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Jay Rifkin
Principal and Owner, Licensed Esthetician

Mens Waxing Palm Springs Day Spa – Palm Springs, CA

My Bio

Mens Waxing Palm Springs is a luxurious spa dedicated to skin care treatments, facials, body waxing, and massage. I became interested in skin care after being a burn survivor and spending over 30+ days in a burn ICU unit. Since I could not get out of bed as the doctors were fearful of infection, I started doing research about my burn and skin care and, as importantly, learned how skin is not only the largest organ in the human body but is unique among all the body’s organs as it keeps regenerating itself all the time when it healthy. Once I was released from the hospital, I started doing volunteer work to help other burn survivors and then I decided it was time to follow my newly discovered passion. I went back to school and studied skin care.

I have worked with many different types of skin disorders and issues, but my favorite is anti-aging. We all want to look young, but I have learned through the years that good health and a youthful appearance is a combination of many things. I try to practice what I preach. I keep myself fit through exercise, eat nutritious and wholesome food, avoid lengthy exposure to the sun while always wearing protective sunscreen (SPF), and stay hydrated, especially living in Palm Springs.

People are always asking me for the secret of anti-aging magic. There is no such thing as one gulp or a quick splash from “the fountain of youth” to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, lift saggy bits, de-puff eyes, even out skin tones and textures, and reverse sun damage. Healthy skin and a youthful appearance take care and effort. It takes dedication using safe and effective products and techniques.

There is a surplus of anti-aging skin care products of creams, serums, gels, and powders that are all claim to be the key to the fountain of youth. Some work their anti-aging magic through ingredients that have years of scientific research and analysis on how skin ages to back up their claims while others are pure hype with outrageous costs of purchase. Thanks to my training and experience, I have tried many different anti-aging skin care products and have chosen what I feel represent the best in terms of quality and value. I happily share the best of products and techniques with my clients when it comes to turning back the clock.

What are we all about?

I started this company to provide people with a natural, luxurious, and well-designed alternative to chemical-laden mainstream skin care. The products I use are totally free of all toxins including parabens and pthalates, and chock full of bio-active extracts and oils. Incredibly powerful ingredients like emu oil, apple stem cell extract, cocoa bean, figs, rice germ, blue lotus, bamboo, algae extract, green tea and sea buck-thorn extract are blended by hand with nutritive oils and Shea butter to create the most luxurious natural products possible. My goal is to make your skin look good, naturally.

Why did I start a skin care company?

As I mentioned above in my Bio, I am a burn survivor. I was in an intensive care burn unit for over 5 weeks. My third degree burn to the foot was misdiagnosed after the accident for two weeks by a number of medical professionals who did not recognize the severity of the injury. When I finally arrived at the University of California Irvine Medical Center, I met Dr. Marianne Cinat, Director of the Burn Unit, who recognized my medical emergency immediately. Because the burn was so severe and had been misdiagnosed repeatedly, there was a strong possibility that I would lose my foot to infection and gangrene. I was placed in the ICU that very afternoon, and the first surgery was undertaken within an hour to save my foot. Thanks to the skill and knowledge of Dr. Cinat and her team, my foot was saved after numerous surgeries and skin grafts.

During the five weeks of hospitalization, having been an active man not used to long periods of down time, I read about my burn, the damage that was done, and what the doctors were doing to treat my body. Experiencing first-hand how vital healthy skin is to the well-being and happiness of daily life, I realized that I needed to get out of the corporate world and help others with skin issues.

I volunteered at the burn unit after I was released and able to be physically active again. I thought if I could help other patients get back to their daily lives, what a wonderful gift for them and me. After a year I decided to go back to school to learn about skin care. I graduated, was awarded the State Board’s license, and continued to build my skills and knowledge base. I attended the International Dermal Institute for my advanced certification and earned the title of “Expert” in using the Dermalogica skin care line. The IDI graduates are recognized as the most highly trained professionals in the industry.

I have transformed an injury into a career. As a result, my skin looks great, and I work to make every client “feel good and look great” as well. Good health is a daily journey, and I will assist you every step of the way with the care, protection, and well-being of your body’s largest organ – your skin.

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